Introducing Mindset Makeover: 12 Weeks to Self-Love

Mastermind Coaching Program

Next Course Begins September 11, 2019

Are you ready to understand what is holding you back? Do you know in your heart that something has to change? 

If you desire to feel good in your skin, live a life of purpose, passion and JOY, this program is for you. It is time to own your worth, step into your power, embody the beauty of you and claim the life you’ve always wanted!

I coach, guide and teach women to heal, love themselves, know their infinite worth, and access the best version of themselves to step into the beautiful truth of who they are, and live with PASSION & PURPOSE.

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Program Goals

The success of this program is a result of my specific process of inquiry, coupled with each development phase that builds upon the previous lesson. This is a thoughtful, unique process designed to ensure you successfully integrate positive behaviors into your life in a sustainable, and permanent, manner.

We will do this by:

  • Identifying your desires, defining vision, and creating a roadmap 

  • identifying conscious and unconscious blocks 

  • shifting your mindset

  • learning the secret to making permanent changes

  •  working on accountability and structure

  •  how to create healthy and purposeful habits for your mental and physical health 

    Course Lessons & Modules

Phase 1 - Getting Grounded

Phase Two - Getting Clear on What you Desire

Phase Three -Healing

Phase Four - Step Into Your Power

Phase Five - Body Love

Phase Six - Return to You


The course includes 12 group sessions via Zoom teleconference that can be done from anywhere in the world, plus (2) 1-hour individual sessions with me. Each week you will receive self-guided modules, support materials, tools including tips, recipes, visualizations, and exercises, and ‘soulwork’ (homework) to prepare for the following week.

“You said “This was a NO judgment zone” and it truly was. I felt safe to share my story and be vulnerable without judgment. There was such beauty in sharing our stories because we could see ourselves in each other and it was so powerful to know we all struggle with the same things. It was also very powerful to then release our stories and feel empowered to move beyond them and take action in our lives. This program has not only affected me, it has been so wonderful for my family, and all the relationships in my life. Thank you so much!”
— Mikelle

There are only 3 spots remaining for our upcoming Fall 2019 Program.

This is an invitation to come together as women to support each other, to laugh and share our stories, and feel empowered to create change in your life and reclaim your health and happiness.

There is such power and beauty when women come together.

Join this transformational experience. 

Book a Complimentary Clarity Session.

In this 50 minute no-obligation session, we will delve into your goals and what is holding you back. From there you can decide if this program is the right fit for you.